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Around 2003, José Luis told me about he wanted to make a track with a local taste for GPL or NR2003 that we were racing with as we were also admins of a couple of latinamerica leagues by then.Me and my 'stang racing at the "Zamuros" area
In the middle of that year I took JL to the track with my car (a mustang GT '92 in road race trim) so he could see, first hand some "real life racing", he enjoyed the day and the layout of the track so we were determined to come back another day to gather all the info we needed to make a version of the track for some of the sims we were playing at the time.

Info gathering

perroIn June 2003 we took a circuit map (that was provided by people of the track, Mr. Eduardo Yanes, which aint correct BTW), our bycicles, a high resolution GPS, a long measure tape, tons of paper and cameras. We did the usual stop at "La Encrucijada" for the always delicious "roasted pork back leg" sandwichs that ended in stomach of a thief dog that I imagine that never had been feeded that good. It took all day to gather all the info we needed, pit building measures and surroundings, turn by turn schemes, and so on. The fact that the track is actually pretty flat madJL measuring the runoff with his byciclee our life a lot easier, there is just one long deep of about a meter into the "Zamuros" area. And only the last turn has a little banking.

Track making

With all this info, JL put eveything into autocad to simplify the layout to a few turns and straights. And with his results I started to work. This was not the era of google maps or anything similar, it had to be done with all the numbers we got, after all these years I got this simple layout that he calculated over a google map grab of the area and see now that it fits to the perfection, that quite motivated me to do all the final work needed to make this release.
Initially I made three different test layouts, for three different sims of that era: netKar, GPL & NR2003. I chose to go with the NR2003 because there were some road racing mods in progress that made it the sim of choice then, GPL did not have the cars that matched this small layout and nK wasnt going anywhere, there was also the fact that Papyrus released the sandbox utility that made life easier for novice track makers as me.

Circuit map after cleanup


After a lot of work and having the track almost ready with just a couple of trees missing I withdrawed the project. The cars available were too fast for a small layout like this, they had way too much grip and it wasn't funny anymore. So, it slept almost 4 years in my disks and backups.


On march 2007, by a I can't recall reason I got into theuspits forum and saw that David Noonan had published a conversion utility to port tracks from one sim to another. After a week of giving it many thoughts I decided to buy the utility and in a few minutes using the nr2k3 -> rf tutorial I got the track running in my rfactor copy. I opted then for the conversion path, start over looked way to harsh, I took into account that track layout and object position was very important because I wanted to keep as real as possible and the original papy layout was just perfect in that sense. Today I have my doubts is this was the right route to take.


After over two months of hard work during free time (and not so free) the track is ready. During this time (since we made the original info gathering) the track has changed the looks a little, some colors, billboards and publicity mostly (I have not been there since, I even sold my car :-( ). I chose to keep everything as it was then, in the 2003 season.That is why you wont see some of the new sponsors that are actually in the track and some companies that just dont exist anymore. I just want to keep as close as possible to what we saw that day. The layout is the same, it has not been changed in the last 10 years after the '95 cut.

There are some things that I would like to look or work better, but I had to stop one day. I'm quite satisfied with what I've done so far and exceeds what I originally planned for it, this ain't my everyday job I'm just a newbie so maybe the the final result are not as professional as I wanted but my family is waiting for me :-D.

Side by side image at the time of development

My only hope is that all this work would motivate some to do safer motorsport AT the track, as I lived and enjoyed in the years of Club Copa (a defunct club racing organization) and work as a tool for those that would like to get into motorsports locally because today sims gives you experiences that really work in real life racing and the best of all, it's way cheaper!
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